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Little Boy
The little boy, isn't he cute? He's all hip and stuff with the backwards hat and bubble gum. I wanted him to be a "mature" child, if that's even possible(?) Maybe, a child who acts like a grown up, yeah... that's it.
The next character you may gather is a school girl. Despite her very sexy school uniform heh heh, I was going for a modern take on the traditional Japanese school girl look. Anyways, by her look you can probably tell that she's not a shy girl, more out going and a bit, wild, but not crazy wild, well you get it.
The next pic is of a knight, not your typical knight of course. More of a swuave smooth talking one with a really cool car instead of a prize winning horse. And this knight is a woman, who apparently, smokes *smoking is bad for you, I just put that there because I thought it would fit the character* Well, again, a modern version, MY version of a knight.
The next character is a fairy *duh* hee hee ok, well she's more of a woodland fairy, probably lives in trees and moss and stuff considering her color scheme. A cute creature, but shy, very very shy.
And last but least is the huntress. I really liked this picture because of the delicate feeling you get when you look at it. Hunters are known for being brawny and a bit rough, but she's more smooth and soft, which I like.:P
Groovy Dude

This character is one of my personal favs! ^_^ I just love how he turned out, and I especially like the color scheme. He seems rather "groovy" right? He's got that smirk and the earrings and what not, and hey, he's got a great fashion sense! You kind of get the feeling that he's got a lot of confidence, but he's not full of himself, and he's kinda like a "ladies man" hee hee He's so cool!! :P

Dark Elf

~oooohh~ A Dark Elf *dum dum duuuum!!!* Well, again I have to say that I really liked how the coloring turned out on this picture too and gotta love the outfit. I don't really know what I was thinking when I was designing his pose, it seems a wee bit akward. I guess he just wanted to show off his way cool killer talismans!! YEAH!!!