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Ok, I'll be blunt... this is an art website, therefore art will be showcased here. Any questions? E mail me ^__^ But for now, explore your surroundings and enjoy!


~~NOTE~~ You're probably wondering what that little character is doing at the top of the page right? Well it's my avatar from the Gaia website. Isn't she cute?? You can visit the website, its really cool! Please check it out!=^.^=


Gaia Online anime roleplaying community


*The New Collection Has Arrived!! Check out the new "Teaser Pic" in the What's New Page. There's a whole new set of pics, the newest addition will be in the Photo3 Page!!

*The Mirror Site is Up!! I've created a new site that is a sister site to this one. Basically, I've been getting a lot of comments about long loading times for the pictures I have up here. I would like to apologize for that, I'm truely very sorry. So in response, I've created another site that has all my newer pictures up in a more user friendly layout. ~~no long loading time~~However, both of these sites are merely temporary ones until I can get my very own page up and running, and I'm still currently working on that. So if you would like to visit the mirror site please go here:

Thank You


NOTE: All new and upcoming pics will be posted in the Photo3 Page until the page is full. Once it is full I am thinking of replacing the older pictures in the Photo Page with newer ones.

So please enjoy the new additions and check back soon for the new stuff!!

~Happy Holidays~


Strickly, a progressive motion of a body round a center or axis, such that any line of the body remains throughout parallel to its initial position, to which it returns on completing the curcuit.

To tell you the truth, I just thought the name was cool.

Do you have questions or comments on the web page, art or me? E mail me and I'll be happy to answer all of your questions^__^ The mail link doesn't quite work so if you want to E mail me please send it to:


No, no, no. My art isn't that type of art! It's WAY different! My style of art is Anime, the Japanese ways of drawing. So if you're wondering why all of my pictures look a bit odd it is because of the anime style.

For more pictures, look in the Photo page ^__< *wink*